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  Where does the Müller® brand come from?
  What is the relationship between Müller® and Quaker®?
  Where is your yogurt made?
  When and where can I find Muller Quaker Dairy products?
  What do I do with this square shaped Corner® package?
  Is my Müller® yogurt packaging recyclable?
  Why can’t I find FrütUp™ in stores anymore?
  Are all Muller Quaker Dairy products Kosher?
  Do the Müller® yogurts in the U.S. contain wheat or are they certified gluten-free?
  Where can I find information on any allergens in your products?
  What are the two dots above the “u” in Müller®?
  What’s the right way to pronounce “Müller®?”

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Müller® yogurt is currently available in select stores throughout the U.S.